See Feudalism.

Historical Dictionary of Byzantium . .

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  • Feudalism —    Term that denotes the political and social organization of much of the medieval West after the breakup of Charlemagne s (q.v.) kingdom. Feudalism never developed in Byzantium (q.v.), and attempts by some scholars to view appanages andpronoia… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • šikti — šìkti, a (šiñka J), o ( ė Š, Slm, Svn) Š vlg. 1. intr., tr. R, MŽ, N, Sut, K, M, Rtr, NdŽ, KŽ tuštintis, laukinėtis: Avis šika spiroms J.Jabl(suv.). Šìkamas puodas Rm. Jeigu aš pameluosiu, te – šìk kepurę! Rm. ^ Piktas kaip ubago šiktas… …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

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